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Do you want to save money on driving lessons?

Let me tell you how.

1, Take a regular 90 minute driving lesson.

Government statistics state that on average learners will need 47 hours of training. Taking a regular 90 minute lesson will help get that number down. If you only have a 1 hour lesson per week, it may take you longer.

2, Stick with the same instructor.

It can be tempting to take a special offer price and move from one to another to get the best price. Every time you change instructor, you have to get used to a different car, a different instructor and this will put you back a few hours.

3, Don't let price make the decision for you.

Cheap is not always best. Value for money is much better. It will cost an instructor £15 per hour to run their business. If they only charge £15, where are they making their money or more important, how can they save it?

4, Save up!

Make sure that you have enough money to cover the whole course. If you can't afford to take a lesson for a few weeks, you will fall back. Then you will need extra lessons to get back to standard. This will cost more in the long run.

5, Take your test when you and the instructor agree.

Again, take the advice from the expert that you employed. They will know when you are ready. If you fail a test, it will cost a fortune. £62 for the test fee plus 2 hours paid to the instructor. Of course, you will then need extra lessons to build yourself back up and once that is done, another £62 plus 2 hours to the instructor.

By following these 5 simple steps, you could save hundreds.

So, Why are you looking at this web site?

You want to pass your driving test, that's why you're looking. I can help you achieve that.

Four of the things I will do to help.

1, You'll get a progress record.

It is important that we keep track of your progress and make notes on what needs doing when. How else will you know?

2, You'll have a mock test.

A mock test under test conditions will tell you if you're ready and if you are not, it will identify what needs doing.

3, You will drive independently.

With my help, you'll be independent. Driving on your own is what you want and what you need to do to pass your test.

4, The time you have will be your time.

I won't use a mobile phone, stop at the shops or waste any of your time. You are the most important person during that time.


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